The Biggest Money Making Secret of 2014...
How to Make a Fortune Giving Away An Automated
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Jodi Hans coming live to you here from Los Angeles CA

Welcome Welcome Welcome... I'm really excited to have you here today because today I’m going to expose you to a strategy that is quick, simple and powerful.

“By the time you get to the end of this web page, you will see exactly how to make as much as $97 to $970 or more within the first few hours.”

I know these are Big Words… but stick with me. You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about in just a few minutes.

Today You'll Learn How To Fish In A Barrel

 Today I'm gonna show you how to Fish In A Barrel. How to locate where there are pools of money on the internet and how to tap into it and channel it directly into your bank account.

 Today you're gonna get access to a list of untapped, Eager Buyers ready to spend money with you now… today.

 Today you're gonna get an automated tool that will do the selling for you to these buyers.

This Robot Sales Tool Will Automatically
Get People Eager To Give You $197.00 Each

Today you're gonna go from novice to expert because you'll be one of the few people to understand exactly where the money is on the internet and how to tap into it.

Today I guarantee you’ll be Blown Away because by the time you read to the end of this web page, you’ll have a secret that will put all other money making strategies to absolute shame. So read every word and pay attention....

Lets Just Dive In...

If you are a member of a Multi Level Marketing program you are sitting on a Goldmine and I’ll show you how to cash in on it BIG whether you are making money from your downline or not... and it’s not what you think.

First of all this IS NOT a sales pitch for MLM programs.

This is simply instructions on how to tap into the Millions of dollars that is generated by the excitement that surrounds most MLM programs and how to effortlessly funnel that money directly into your bank account.

Let Me Explain With This Example

Lets take one of the most popular MLM programs today which is Empower Network (or EN for short). EN has over 200,000 very excited; very enthusiastic members and that number is literally growing by the 1000’s every day.

What is happening right now with Empower Network is no less than a modern day Gold Rush.

If you were to go to YouTube and do a search for Empower Network, you will see tens of thousands of people who have made videos and who are throwing millions and millions of dollars at that company. Many of these videos have Thousands if not Tens of Thousands of views and some of these people have built MASSIVE DOWNLINES because of it.

You are about to learn how to get in front of all that excitement (and Cash Flow) that is being generated by these marketers and divert some of the Cash Flow into your bank account on a daily basis.

In fact, by the time you finish this web page, you will understand how to get people with Massive Downlines in MLM programs to come to you and ask you to take their money in order to get a little piece of what you are about to learn here now.

As You Read This, There Are Tens Of Thousands Of Multi Level Marketers Desperately Looking For Tools To Help Them Build Their Downline
…And Here’s Why

  • The Facebook Slap - Facebook has officially banned people from putting Links to most all MLM company sales pages
  • YouTube is saturated and has officially banned people putting links to popular MLM sales pages
  • Solo Ads are saturated
  • You can’t do PPC on MLM
  • CraigsList is doing everything it can to ban Business Opp ads especially MLM ads …and it’s been saturated
  • Most ALL of the normal channels for MLM marketing online has pretty much all but dried up

And yet, this has still not deterred Tens of Thousands of new people signing up to an MLM program every day and the excitement for these programs is still at an all-time peak.

What Is The #1 Rule For Successful Marketing Online?
“To make money online in any capacity, you should only Target people that are actively searching out a product or service that you offer.”

….That’s it.

In other words, Fishing In A Barrel is no less than finding a group of people who have a problem then offering them a solution.

Do You Think Members Of MLM Companies Like Empower Network Would Want That Tool?
…All 200,000 Of Them?


Example: If you are currently in Empower Network (or any other MLM program) and you have 10 people in your downline and you simply recommended this auto-recruiting tool, and only 5 of them use this tool, and why wouldn’t they, it’s a tool that will automatically build their downline with no selling… you will earn a quick $487


“Directly after you read this web site could make a small fortune just by emailing your current downline members an exciting pre-written email that I’ll give you that explains this tool and you’ll earn $97 off of each of them who use it.”

If you have 10, 20, 100 or more people in your downline...

You Can Now Fish In A Barrel, Earn Yourself An Immediate Income And Jump Start Your Downline All In One Shot…


If you are Not a member of an MLM program or you don’t have anyone in your downline who’d want this tool, what if I was to give you access to an unlimited list of untapped, eager MLM Buyer leads who are looking for a tool to build their downline.

The Multi Level Marketing crowd are some of the most willing and eager buyers when it comes to purchasing products that will help them succeed.
If you had a way to contact 100′s of eager MLM members (within your own organization or in another), and offer them this tool… you could earn a quick $9700 overnight.

All you will have to do is send a simple email invitation that will direct them to a very simple video explaining this tool and how it works. In other words, the video will do all the selling for you. You just send your emails to this hot market and go about your day. That’s it!

If you could locate members of MLM programs with active downline, it would be the most efficient way to start making money NOW on the internet.

No SEO – No PPC – No Article Writing – No B.S.

You Find a pool of Hot, Eager Buyers like people who have just bought into an MLM opportunity.

Send emails to these Hot Buyers with a link to a sales video (which is your automatic robot sales tool)

And let IT do the selling for you. That’s it!

Are You With Me So far?

That’s only Part One of how you make money with this tool.

I’ve only shown you how easy it will be to make a small fortune by targeting eager MLM buyers and offering them an auto-recruiting tool that they desperately need.

“Keep reading because below I’ll show you how to access tens of thousands MLM members and give you a pre-written invitation that you can immediately use to invite them to use this tool.”

You will earn $97 for each member who uses it.


The Downline Building Tool can be programmed to advertise your MLM program (if you're a member of one) to a target list of people. The Tool also uses a built in Viral Function that causes it to get passed on from person to person after you launch it. This Viral Feature is what drives the automatic downline building function.

As the Tool is virally passed around, people will begin joining your downline and as your downline grows, this will create your residual income.

But keep in mind, whether your goal is to build a downline or not, the Tool will always offer the option to buy into this same strategy and you'll earn $97 if they do.

You Do No Selling Ever

No Pitching A Product Or Service

In Fact, Once You Start Using This Recruiting Tool It Is Forbidden That You Do Any Selling.

“When You Activate This Tool, People Will Come To You And Pay You To Be In Your Downline.”

Some of you are asking…

Can I offer this tool to any other Multi Level Marketing company or people who are NOT in my downline?

The answer is YES.

In fact it is recommended that you go outside of your own downline to offer this tool because you’ll make a small fortune doing it and here’s how:

You Make $97 From Anyone Who Purchases The Viral Tool Through You. PLUS You’ll Earn An Addtional $20 On EVERYONE They Offer It To
Pay Close Attention Because This Is Powerful...

EXAMPLE: If you offer this tool to a Heavy Hitter that offers it to their Mega Downline… you’ll earn $20 from everyone in their downline that uses it. If they have 1000 people in their downline (and many do) you just struck Gold.

As you can see in the video the Viral Tool allows you to create Personalized Web Sites where you can email a link to your list with our pre-written email. Personlization increases the response rate by as much as 300%

Viral Builder Page 1A


The Viral Tool will also create customize Postcards with a custom web site URL for the recipient. Direct Mail is currently one of the most powerful resources for advertising. These customized Postcards command the highest response rates on the market.

Viral Builder Postcards 1A


Upload Direct Mail Leads or Email Leads directly into the system. Customize the Headline and From fields.

Viral Builder Names 1A


Your Exit Page can be the sales page to your MLM program or any product you desire.

You can have your reseller Viral Downline Builder page show first or make it the Exit Page. This will allow you to start earning income immediately as others start buying into this system.

The system also comes with built-in products that you can insert into the Exit Page and generate additional income.

Viral Builder Exit Page 1A



With all this said, once you join this program, you'll immediately get access to one of the top postcard mailing specialists in the country.

He specializes in postcard mailing and only postcard mailing. I’ve seen this guy rake in $1000’s of dollars every day and all he does is mail out small batches of postcards. You'll get access to the only Direct Mail Postcard list that you ever want to use in this industry.

Without access to the proper list for postcard mailing, you’re dead in the water. This is why we hired the best in the business and you‘ll get access to him and all his recommendations.


3 Easy Steps to the Viral Downline Builder...

Giveaway your link to the Viral Downline Builder.
We've spent a lot of time making this as simple and goof-proof as possible. And I think you'll agree we did a fine job of it.
Then place PURL links ONLINE and OFFLINE, print and mail postcards or post ads. (Inside you'll learn where and how).
While your link is going viral and making you money as well as people joining your organization. You may want to send out some postcards and make a killing! Sound good? These puppies are so easy to do and so powerful. This secret is almost like taking candy from a baby! No one and I mean almost no one is doing this. The only question now is: "How much money do you want to make?"
Login and see how much money you've made and see how your organization is growing VIRALLY.
This is the fun part! You'll absolutely love logging in to check your stats to see how much money you've made. How awesome would it be to be in Hawaii this summer and out on Waikiki Beach with your family, checking and refreshing your stats on an iPhone? It's positively addicting!

First Here’s An Overview Of What You Get:

  • You’ll earn $97 every time you recommend this system to others who need it.
  • You will get pre-written emails that you can send to invite others to this same presentation and you will earn $97 if they participate.
  • You will learn where and how to contact the Heavey Hitters in any MLM program.
  • AND… you will earn a 2nd Tier income of $20 for every person that they introduce to this system.
    In other words, if you give this system to someone who shares it with others in their downline, you’ll earn $20 for every person they share it with. This could amount into the hundreds or even thousands in a short amount of time.
  • You Get Access to a tool that will create pre-written postcards and a personalized website for the postcard recipients making this one of the most high-response postcards we’ve ever tested.
  • You’ll get access to the Top most responsive Postcards leads along with advice and training from one of the Top Postcard mailing experts in the country.

All you need is one person with a mega downline and you could make a small fortune.


This is only an example for Empower Network. How many other MLM programs with excited members can you think of...

It’s been suggested that we charge no less than $997

This gets you access to the Postcard Tool and the Viral Marketing system that includes the pre-written invitation emails with your own link to a sales presentation where we do all the Selling for you…

But honestly, I’m not gonna do that to you guys cause I know many can’t afford that right now which is why you are here.

You need to make money and you need to make it now.

The next suggested price was $497

To me that’s reasonable but I want to do better than “reasonable”.

I want to give you guys the best deal this system can afford so we can build and train a top notch team quickly…

…And together we can go out there and dominate the entire MLM industry within the next six months to a year.

So your cost today is only a one time payment of $197.00 plus $19.95 a month

(The $19.95 monthly fee is not due for 30 days from now)

Monthly recurring is for maintaining the software, hosting, upgrades, support, tracking system and more. We actually priced this as low as we possibly could so it's more than fair.

Most people look back on their lives with regret and think about all the things they should have done. Don't let this happen to you! Remember you have a No Questions Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. That means you essentially get to see and try out everything for FREE, if you choose.

If You Don't Snatch Up These Free Leads...
Then I Can Guarantee You Someone Else Will!

Here's how to order:

To grab your copy of the Viral Downline Builder by clicking on the BIG button below, and follow the simple instructions.





Jodi Hans

PS. Listen, I have one more thing to tell you...

I will be promoting this site very, VERY hard, and so will other owners of this Viral Video System... keep in mind that in a few hours someone else might be reading this exact same page - and there is a very good chance that he or she will take action and try to leave *you* in the dust... and to top things off, they will be contacting the Heavy Hitters and earn 2nd Tier incomes from all those sales.

There are still Truck-Loads of MLM's companies and Tens of Thousands of MLMer's with massive downlines that have yet to be contacted. But I wouldn't put this off one more moment




Get started while this is still unsaturated and you can quickly build your own pyramid of easy income.

You can take action and live life on your own terms -OR- you can work at a company where you're making someone else's dreams come true with your hard work.

Be prepared to be changed forever.

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